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There is some new Battery technology that I have been experimenting with and so I will tell you what I think and then we will get into some more about Intellectual property theft by Chinese Nationals and what to watch out for. 

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Craig 0:08
Hey, hello, Greg Peterson here on WGAN. And of course online at Craig Peter song.com. Hey, I hope you guys enjoyed it last week. I was doing Facebook Lives pretty much every day and talking about mobile security. I also had my free master class on Thursday. And it went on for a little while, but I made sure I answered everybody’s questions. So thanks for all of the questions. I appreciate your involvement here. I’m doing this to help you okay. And if you’re not there, obviously, I can’t help you. But I really did enjoy the class and teaching it and then helping people out. And coming up this week on Thursday. It looks like, I’m going to have a masterclass on mobile devices. So last week’s master class that you guys attended was on Thursday and it was all about VP end. And I will be doing one this coming week. That’s all about mobile devices. And we got the got them planned out here for the next few months actually. And it’s going to be one ish Master Class A week one ish, right? Because I’m going to be at some conferences, and I have the stuff to do with my clients on different days. I do kind of a chief information security officer. I do that outsourced for a number of businesses, including some multinational public companies, where they need someone on the outside to come in and kind of give them a little bit of coaching and help them out the more senior management in the IT space. So that takes time. From all of this other stuff that I’m doing, it pays for to write. So nobody Can’t complain. And we had, I wouldn’t say it was about 30 business people on the VPN course, and about two thirds home users and, and these master classes are really aimed at helping small to medium sized businesses, basically under 1000 employees, everything from a small office, Home Office, up to about 1000 employees. That’s what these ones are typically aimed at. And about 80% 90%, sometimes, of what we talked about in them has to do with home users as well. So I tend to identify it, say, hey, for you home users, and you business guys, this is for you, or That’s for you. And I did all of that too, and my Facebook Live, so if you just want to check out my Facebook Lives, they’re all up on replay on both Facebook and on YouTube, by the way, and you can get them on YouTube by just going to Craig Peterson dot com slash YouTube. Guess what? Yeah. Craig Peterson dot com slash Facebook I tried to make it simple right now I don’t know sometimes this stuff is just so complicated. I’m not sure if you guys understand or if you’re going to understand or more maybe there’s something else I should explain but anyways, it is complicated if you need help you now know where to go. Now if you want to sign up for the master class Coming up on Mobile Device security, go to Craig Peterson comm slash master class and you can sign up right there. off and on. I put these signups on my homepage as well at Craig Peterson calm so you can kind of figure this all out and follow it just make it simple and sign up there and I will stay in touch. Okay. By the way, these batteries again pale blue. This is really cool. You’ll find them over on Kickstarter. You can see them if you’re watching the video right now on Facebook or YouTube or on my website as well. But pale blue, this is neat. These are on Kickstarter, they’re going to be for sale I think they’re predicting next month you can buy them and they’ll start shipping from Kickstarter. But this is neat. It’s a lithium polymer battery, a very fast charge. And the way you charge these things is with the micro USB port there on the side. And inside that, there’s the triple eighth and I’m showing you the camera right now which is a very small battery inside that it has room for the micro USB connector and for the electronics for all of the smart that is needed by it. Plus it has the storage in the bottom of this battery and you just plug it in, it’s like a regular USB battery. And then to charge it you can use any micro USB cable It these batteries, there are four batteries in a box and they come with a little four-way cable to charge them. But you just plug them in and then they have an indicator around the ring of them to let you know if they’re charging and how much they’re charging or if they are charged. And you can see the red indicator here means that these ones are charging and it’s just one little LED that red right now, which means they’re mostly charged and then this one with the green around it means Hey, I’m charged I’m ready to use. There’s nothing simpler. I’m just so excited about this. We’ll see how these things all go but you can find them. Just do a search online for pale blue and Kickstarter will show up and pale blue batteries. You have to have batteries to that and it’ll show up under Kickstarter. And you can buy him a couple of bucks savings right now if you buy them on Kickstarter, but just one of these batteries. The information that they’re showing shown on their website can replace 3000 normal alkaline batteries that can so can save you thousands of dollars for 30 bucks. It’s just amazing. So they sent me these things and I appreciate it but I’m, I’m really excited. I think this is very cool technology. And you know sometimes I share the technologies that I use and that are cool right here on the radio show. We’ve talked about some of them before, like the beautiful.ai stuff. You know, there’s another one I use called Canada, and I should try and get their CEO on as well to talk about it but man if you have to design anything for your business, website stuff, I use Canvas all of the time, like the frames, if you let me just I’ll pop this up on my screen right now so you can see this. See here, bam. So Right now if you’re watching the video you can see this is from one of my Facebook Lives this week. And it says watch this if you use sensitive burst business or personal information on your smartphone, Part Three mobile part three data leaks. So this whole thing was done in Canada in a matter of like two minutes. It’s just amazing what you can do with this stuff. So excuse me, I’ll have to get Canva on to so we can talk a little bit more about them. I use Canva all the time. I really love that stuff. So anyhow, that’s what I’m sharing this obviously, I’m not getting paid to promote any of this stuff. I don’t get paid to do any of this stuff that I do unless you’re one of my security clients. Obviously, a business that maybe has HIPAA requirements, you know if your medical practice or if you have any the Defense Department stuff, the D Fars or I tar that’s where I come in, right I do the more advanced security stuff. I can do the basic stuff too. But I’m, I’m in there to protect you. So you don’t go to prison federal prison charged with a felony because data leaked out and you are a military sub subcontractor, right? So a lot of people in the listening area probably are because of the Portsmouth naval base plus here New England. I’m surprised how many real small companies are that are providing parts that are provided to contractors that contract with the military. And all of those security requirements flow downhill, right? Just like all of the other problems that we have. And that’s where I come in, and my team and we put stuff in place that helps. So that leads us to this article that came out this week that I think is phenomenal from the washington times. And they’re talking about the FBI chasing down in an increasing number of Chinese nationals. Now, this is interesting because it ties into what President Trump has been talking about, where you know, he’s working on negotiations with China because China has been stealing our intellectual property. Well, in perhaps the largest action the Justice Department has taken to try and get this old Chinese spying and corporate espionage under control. The Justice Department hit Huawei with a whole bunch of charges including stealing trade secrets from T Mobile. Now T Mobile is who I have been using the air for a little while. And I switched from Verizon saved a whole bunch of money and where I’m using it, they’ve got good coverage. Verizon, I think still has the best coverage out there, but they’re a little expensive. And I may be changing again, we’ll see but that’s where I am right now. So a federal judge last week sentenced a Chinese national to nearly four years in prison for trying to steal US space technology. And this is part of the whole ramped up protection of American businesses against the Chinese spies out there. Remember, China’s a socialist country, they have people in charge that don’t really care what you think they don’t really care what your living conditions are just as long as everyone’s all of the same. So they have all of these people who are living in what we would consider being slave conditions. You know, people that are living below the poverty line in the US are living like kings compared to what people live in the socialist states of the world, including China. Over the past year, the Justice Department has brought public charges against Chinese nationals and entities in 10 separate trade secret cases. So this is absolutely huge 10 cases compared to three that were brought the prior year. Justice also got a guilty plea or conviction and eight other cases. And that’s according to The Washington Times, half of the 16 names on the FBI is counter intelligence. most wanted list are Chinese nationals charged with theft of intellectual property or trade secrets for the socialist Beijing government benefits. So very, very big deal. Be careful out there. We have clients that again, military sub-subcontractors, just little companies, 10 employees, seven employees who have been invaded and hacked by the Chinese. It’s crazy what’s going on out there right now. But thank god they’re prosecuting. You’re listening to Craig Peterson dot com and WGAN online, Craig Peterson calm. When we come back, we’re going to talk a little bit about VPN. So stick around, we’ll be right back.

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