Craig discusses the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals against some of the large Democratic cities and 5G rollout.

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, you might’ve been wondering, what’s taking five G the rollout so long. Well, there’ve been some court battles going on. Part of the reason, frankly, might be your own town or city.

Hi everybody. Craig Peterson here on WGAN and online Craig peterson.com. Wow. This is really interesting because five G is going to do a few things for us. Ultimately, it’s going to allow billions of devices to attach to the internet, which means things like you remember that Levi coat from a couple of years ago that had internet connectivity built-in Bluetooth built-in all of that stuff, that trucker jacket.

that means that we’ll be able to connect directly to the internet. We’re getting these chipsets down. So they are minuscule. It won’t be long before they’ll almost fit on the head of a pin. These things are just amazing. What they’re doing. And five G is an important part of that. Driving down the highway, getting updates for your automatic driving car that tells it about the road conditions.

Right now, it’s meshing with other cars on the road around you. So it has a. Picture of what all of the cars are doing, how fast they might be going. They’re going to overtake you. You should change the lanes. There is a charging station or a fuel station, just so far ahead. All of that stuff is going to be done with five G internet.

it’s also going to be calling home telling your car manufacturer what’s going on with the car. It’ll be telling your insurance company just how your driving, whether or not you should get a discounted rate. Because you’re a good driver or you’re a bad driver, all of this stuff. And then in your house, think about all of the internet of things, your light switches, your light bulbs, the lights on your driveway, your walkway, the chicken coop cameras. If you’re like me, the beehive cameras.

All of that stuff is going to be hooked up to these five G networks. And we have seen a problem with the rollout of five G in some areas. You know right now T-Mobile is the leader in five G. I have T-Mobile myself. I don’t have any promotional consideration from them or whatsoever.

So I’m going to tell you the truth, just like the truth on VPNs and how VPNs almost always are a rip off in so many ways, including. Making you less secure, but that’s a topic for frankly, a whole training course, a whole webinar of the FCC under Ajit Pai, who was appointed by President Trump has been going after cities in court, have these been suing them.

What they’re saying is, Hey, Mr. City, you cannot go and charge. AT and T, Verizon, T-Mobile whomever. Rates for them to offer five G in your city. You think back to the cable days, which are still here, frankly. Where the city gave the cable company and exclusive deal saying, Hey, cable company, if you will put in cable, TV, and cable internet in our town, we’ll give you have a five-year 10-year exclusive license and we’ll regulate your fees.

Now that’s never worked out well. I don’t think anybody. Because these companies, these utility companies, including the power companies, get to make a certain amount of profit. So the incentive for many of these companies is to have their expenses as high as possible. You saw that coming, right?

Because if you say they’re allowed to have a 5% profit margin, would you rather have 5% of a million dollars or 5% of $10 million? How about, would you rather have 5% of 500 million or 5% of a billion dollars? Yeah. So these utilities that are governed this way, don’t want to keep prices under control. They have absolutely no incentive to do it. So they come in front of the city council, the mayor, or whatever it is, where you live.  They say, our expenses have gone up. We have to raise rates and you end up with these cable TV bills with your internet that are 120 bucks a month. You have a phone somewhere in the basement that they gave you as part of the package to save you money, a phone you’ve never used.

How many of you put your hand up? How many of you have done that? You don’t even know what that phone number is. I was just talking with Steve Forney about that. In fact, this week that’s exactly what’s happened with him. So the FCC voted to preempt cities and towns. Now, this was back in 2018 and what they wanted to do is prevent these local governments from charging wireless carriers, an estimated two billion dollars worth of fees over five years related to the deployment of wireless equipment. Such as the small cells that are needed for five G. Now that’s less than 1% of the estimated almost $300 billion that the carriers are going to have to spend to deploy these five G small cells throughout the United States. But the cities promptly turned around after the FCC says, Hey guys, you’ve got to keep these costs under control. The city’s sued the FCC, but a ruling this week by the US court of appeals for the ninth circuit. Which almost always rules wrong, the most overturned circuit court in the country.

And they’ve actually been having some decent decisions lately. Thank goodness. But the decision ruled mostly in the FCCS favor and in your favor as well. Now it wasn’t a complete victory for the FCC. They overturned a portion of the ruling that said that you can basically, they said you can have some aesthetic requirements if you’re a city or town.

So think of those trees that don’t look like trees that are really cell towers. Really that’s necessary. These people it’s absolutely crazy. But the FCC does have the responsibility to ensure that this whole infrastructure deployment for five G is not impeded by these exorbitant fees that are imposed by the state and counties and cities and everything else.

Also, they said they, that these a local jurisdiction cannot have undue delays in the local permitting and unreasonable barriers to pole access. That’s straight from the FCC chairman,and he said, it’s a massive victory for US leadership in five G, nation’s economy, American consumers, which is absolutely true.

Huawei has been the leader in some ways in five G because the Chinese government gave them enough money to fit the whole world with 5G equipment. That’s how much Huawei was subsidized.

Now, why would China do that? It wouldn’t be put five G equipment in my neighborhood, that allows the Chinese to spy on us. Could it? Oh man.

The losing side, see if you can figure out what all of these cities have in common Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston mass, Chicago, Washington, DC Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Austin, Texas. They all lost. They were trying to charge exorbitant fees and it turns out they’re all. What you might call blue. I called red because they’re all democrat controlled, right? Socialism red. Can’t believe how they change that word around how, good news. All the way around.

All right. Stick around.

When we come back, let’s jump right into security jobs with a future. And this is going to be a theme. We’re going to talk more about cybersecurity jobs next week, I think.

Which ones are on the way in, which ones are on the way out.

Then we should have time to get around to this whole Huawei thing. If you have a Huawei phone, you might want to get rid of it ASAP for a number of reasons.

We’ll explain all of that coming up.

You’re listening to Craig Peterson on WGAN and online@craigpeterson.com.

Stick around. We’ll be right back.

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