We have a lot of technology in the news this week.  From Zoom bombing to Sextortion scams, it is going to be a busy and informative show — so sit back and listen in. 

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What we covered today!

We did a wrap up of our webinar activities offered by Craig this week.

Then we covered Tencent has a new online game called Valorant that installs what amounts to a rootkit with all power on your computer

Have you heard of Zoom-bombing?  Well, Zoom has a vulnerability that is currently being exploited.  It allows nonparticipants to jump into a zoom call and interrupt the meeting/conference.

Did you purchase an HP computer for your business?  Turns out that since 2012 their poorly designed support assistant has vulnerabilities that are exploitable including local privilege flaws, remote code execution, and file deletion vulnerabilities.

Numerous companies are marketing an alternative to password access, they have jumped on biometric fingerprint authentication as the best alternative. But it turns out that eighty percent of fingerprint authentication systems can be bypassed.

One of their most successful tactics in use by cybercriminals has been extortion scams related to pornography. These scams surround the possible possession of pornographic videos or photographs that they got by monitoring your computer activity.
Mules are a common way for criminals to move their merchandise or ill-gotten gains around. Currently, some criminals are working hard on recruiting people who would be willing to launder their stolen cash. The FBI is out with a warning about these criminals exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every company, no matter the size, is at high risk for a cyberattack. With more and more third-party and cloud business applications run, the larger the risks, which means that they must prepare for the next evolution of cybercrime.

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