TTWCP Radio Show- 2018-06-02 Router Vulnerability, Fiat Chrysler Firmware Problem, 5G Wireless, Pink Collar Economy

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The rumors you have heard about the big vulnerability in home/small business routers are not RUMORS they are true.  Craig delves into the problem and tells you how to fix it.

Cars have their own networks and if they get their wires crossed things can go bad.  Craig tells you today about a problem with the Firmware in Fiat/Chrysler cars.

Tech Jobs have not been hugely attractive to women except now there are a few.  Listen as Craig explains what the Pink Collar and Gig Economy are and why Women are attracted to them.

Today Craig talks about some of the Pros and Cons to Faster Wireless and dispells rumors too.

Craig has a new membership site (Yes, it is free you just have to sign up)  IT will have all his special reports that he puts out and you will be the first to get them.


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: [00:00:00] Hey welcome to tech talk with Craig Peters son. We are going to be talking about this FBI home routers small business router vulnerability. We had some more information that went out this week hopefully you got it. We’ll be glad to send it to you if you tell me what the router is you have if you have any questions about it let me know.

: [00:00:24] Eight, Five, Five, Three, Eight, Five, Fifty-five, fifty-three.

: [00:00:34] We’ll be talking a little bit more about that today. A massive Chrysler recall. Do not use your cruise control. We’ll be talking about social media. It’s a pink collar job  now, really kind of interesting. And I got to talk about something that I’ve been doing for a little while here now and it has just dramatically improved my health. And you know what. It hasn’t cost me one thim dime. One thin dime. Cryptocurrency addiction, apparently now it is a disease. We’ll be talking about that and 5G wireless service. You know I just switched my carriers for my business cell phones and we moved all of them over. I was looking at the different offerings for the different carriers so we’ll be talking about 5G what is it. When will it be here. And why are there health concerns all of that and more stick around. Here we go.

: [00:01:35] On the front lines and ahead of the trends in business and consumer technology speaking with the top minds and creators behind the products and ideas that help to drive our everyday lives.

: [00:01:45] Dean Kamen is joining us now. He’s the inventor of the Segway and the founder of us first Steve Forbes I appreciate what you do with Forbes magazine for all these years it’s one of my first go to places or talk right now with the guys and gals behind Siri. We’re joined right now by the director of Kindle technology. We’re joined right now by the CEO of E-bates Kevin Johnson on air for more than 15 years.

: [00:02:10] Over 20 million podcasts downloads. This is tech talk with Craig Peterson

: [00:02:20] Right here we go it has been a very very busy week for us as you can imagine here at my company putting all of the stuff together we have been responding to everyone who sent us a text about their home and small business wireless routers. We have had a lot of questions we’ve answered them. We have sent out some special invitations to people who asked to put them into our new membership site. We’ve got an insider thing.  I tried to do in fact I did on Facebook and we’ve had few hundred people sign up but this thing with Facebook did not work for this audience. You probably know I have a lot of clients and we have our training site and it’s a membership site and we’ve put together something that that has all of my special reports. And as we go forward we’ll be putting more of them in. So for those of you that ask that texted me we checked with you. We sent you and hopefully by now you have your Log-ins to my insider site and that insider site log in you’re going to get all of the information here about the small home small business routers. The problems that the FBI is warning about right now. We have a few special reports and therefore you going into details about how to do passwords and a few others about hackers and what they’re doing and what the state of the art day has if you will in the whole hacking world.

: [00:03:55] So things to look out for. So you should have gotten your Log-ins to that site. It’s a special password and it’s your password it’s your account. And we’ll be keeping you up to date. We’re definitely going to keep doing this. We had issues with Facebook and part of the reason we had the Facebook issues was a lot of us myself included just don’t trust Facebook. Right. So, what are you going to do? In our case, we said well forget about it. We shut down that Facebook group. And now we’ve got our insider site where we’re using that to distribute all of our special reports and other things that you need to know. So again, if you have questions you got to reach out to me and you frankly you should have some questions because there is a major hack I guess is the best way to put it going on right now and it appears to be Russia that’s doing this. They have some software called VPNFilter. Now this is a really interesting type of attack because what they’re doing is they are going after these low-end routers so the types of devices that you would get at the local store you know whether it’s staples or Wal-Mart or even a lot of them that you might buy online at Amazon but made by companies like Micro-tik, Linksys, Netgear, and T.P-link.

: [00:05:25] Right. Who hasn’t bought equipment from them over the years, as well as some of these network attached storage devices. And they are crazy vulnerable. So, what these guys from Russia have been doing is they’ve been using some hacks to get into your router. They change the software on your router and then they use another stage of the attack to take all of your traffic and send it all off to Russia. So, think about that all of your traffic their filter.

: [00:05:59] They’re looking for bank account information, they’re looking for information that’s going to help them steal your money credit card information, just kind of everything and anything. This is huge because according to the FBI we’ve got more than half a million networks that have been exposed to this right now that are hacked. OK. So again, if you contacted me you’ve got all the information. So just go through it. I list the model numbers that are known to be bad. But the bottom line is for now anyways just reset that route or you’re going to have to power recycle it at least once a week. And there’s other things you should do too. I’m not going to bore you with those here on the air. But there’s other things you should do. All of that is there on the membership site. We go into some good detail on it and you can always ask questions. You know we’re all we’re here to help right. That’s what I do. That’s what my team helps to do. And you might want to do a factory reset on some of these devices and everything.

: [00:07:07] But if you still have a question you can reach out to me Eight, Five, Five, Three, Eight, Five, Fifty-five, fifty-three.

: [00:07:16] That’s my text number. I, my wife and a couple of people my team do monitor as well so we can get back to you with any questions. Now if you are a small business really upgrade OK get rid of this junk. It’s time to move on. We’ve got such a major, major, problem and it’s continual right it seems like every week there’s a new hack and I’m really happy to say that my clients haven’t been hacked in years and years and years and decades, in fact, that’s because I’m using the right stuff at the right time the right way OK. So, there are ways to keep the bad guys out. You know they’re like a railroad train they’re just plowing through everything we’ve got to derail them. And for that too there is there’s more information in the membership site that I gave some free accounts out to this week. But if you need help you can apply and you know we’re letting people in that really need help that that target really can’t do this themselves.

: [00:08:28] So anyhow Eight, Five, Five, Three, Eight, Five, Fifty-five, fifty-three.

: [00:08:33] Can you believe tech talk is number one in the market with this guy as host. Number one rating based on direct mail polls. There was another September 1995. Not all of those cards have been returned.

: [00:08:46] I got to think Dan again for that, it is so cool he did that for me a decade ago. I guess I should probably update some stuff but you know I spend too much time on other things anyhow. Let’s move on to the next article and this has to do with software. In fact, it’s specifically some software known as firmware and it’s specific to Fiat Chrysler.

: [00:09:13] They sent out a warning about a week ago telling people that if you have one of these about five million Jeeps, Dodges, Chryslers, or Rams Do not use your cruise control. And remember that’s how we started out today is a terrible way to start the show. Fiat Chrysler is saying that this condition where the cruise control will not release in other words you’re driving down the road.

: [00:09:44] You got it set for 65 miles an hour because that’s a speed limit and you need to stop. It will not release the cruise control you can tap the brake which would normally release it. That won’t stop your cruise control. You can go ahead and hit the button to cancel cruise control. Well that will not stop your cruise control. And they’re saying that this condition can occur if the cruise control accelerates at the same time there’s a short in the system. Now the good news is if you forget to not use your cruise control on your Kreisler if you forget that the brakes are designed to be strong enough to stop the vehicle even if the engine is engaged in the cruise control is on. So the trick here is to step on the brakes as hard as you can. And then once you get the car down to basically stopped put it in park and putting it in park will disengage the cruise control. Now you don’t want to put your car in park when you’re traveling down the highway that will be bad. But it is a reasonable thing here to do this push on those brakes. Give it your all get that car stop. Put it in park and then you’ll be OK. Of course, you can also kill the engine once you’re in parked but that cruise control button will not stop the cruise control tapping the brakes will not stop the cruise control either. Now they found this problem when they were testing

: [00:11:20] The vehicles computer networks. Now this is really interesting, and this is where it becomes a technology problem. The Cars today have their own networks so using something called a can box and basically everything in the car is all tied together and that has created a number of scenarios that frankly I would consider to be a nightmare.

: [00:11:46] Now there was a complaint filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a guy in Kansas said that a 2017 Dodge Journey SUV rental vehicle was going down the road about 70 miles an hour with cruise control on when the windshield wipers came on by themselves and the throttle lock up. Now the owner was not identified in the complaint database, but they said that the cruise control button would not disengage by tapping the brakes or turning off the button and the driver was able to slam on the brakes and get the SUV to the side of the road. It was still running at an engine speed to support the 70 miles an hour and fighting the brakes.

: [00:12:30] Engine stop button. By the way would not work as a member nowadays with the new ones. You’re not turning the key and pulling it out of the ignition. In fact, I had to send a note off to my mom because of some problems that have been reported with Honda’s that if you don’t turn off the engine and if that key fob that you have is close enough to the car that you’re just going to keep running and in some cases it doesn’t even have to be close to the car depending on the manufacturer and model. And so people are dying and they’re dying because of carbon monoxide in the home and the engines running the cars so quiet they don’t hear the car they don’t realize that an elderly person who’s used to turning off the ignition. Right. It’s not going to work. So this complaint said that the driver tried to kill the engine and that button did not work. Engine shift or excuse me stop on. Isn’t that crazy. So, he put it into a park and the brakes smoked significantly according to the report. So, there’s 15 Jeep Dodge Chrysler and ram models from six model years with gasoline engines automatic transmission and models in Canada Mexico and other countries are also affected. But there are you know Chrysler trying to figure out which ones of which models the toll roads the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urged drivers not to use cruise control on your feet at Chrysler until repairs are made or they know exactly which model are affected and they’ve got a pretty good idea right now. And you’ll find this article up on my Web site. If you want to find out a little bit more about that case now we’re going to move into pink collar jobs. I found this article really interesting.

: [00:14:30] Now here’s what’s happening. You know there’s a lot of jobs that are mostly men right is dominated by men and those jobs tend to be more dangerous jobs more physical jobs. And you know I get that right does not make sense to you. It certainly makes sense to me.

: [00:14:47] So what should you do if you are looking for a job and you’re out there or you want to hire someone. It’s interesting because this article came from a hot little potato is talking about this and saying that companies hiring for technical positions often slip language into the job postings that appeal to men. They’ll say things like looking for ninjas for people who are trying or are willing to obliterate the competition that are capable of dominating. Right. So those words are all kind of male words. Right. And they are going to attract more men than women. But it’s interesting to note that there is one job in the digital economy that is falling squarely and predominantly to women. And this is a position that’s often overlooked but it draws on marketing and editorial skills right. The ability to write. And guess what that means. That means the social media. Right. That kind of all fits together. And women tend to be better communicators than men and they seem to be gravitating toward this type of a job.

: [00:15:58] So it’s kind of interesting because looking at the job postings you’ll discover the same bias in the language in reverse this these job descriptions here for this job have a bias towards women. So, here’s an example.

: [00:16:20] Social Media Managers are quote “The behind the scenes screens labor involved in Media and Technology is central to propelling our digital economy forward.” Isn’t that interesting. Between 70-80 percent. This is according to Brooke Duffy’s she the assistant professor of communications at Cornell. Between 70 and 80 percent of social media, workers self-identify as women on the salary compilation site pay scale and the careers been referred to as the pink ghetto. I don’t get the ghetto part because it certainly does pay well and usually you don’t get ghettos as paying well. But anyway. Any rate. An interesting article published by Duffy and University of Oxford and in new media and society it kind of goes on and on. They analyzed all these job postings etc. payscale the average paper social media specialist is 41 grand for staff jobs and there, of course, are a lot of contract jobs out there doing this sort of work. It’s really quite cool frankly when you get right down to it. I like it.

: [00:17:29] Bottom line is kind of nice to see the jobs out there for women that they’re enjoying they’re appreciating and they’re making some decent money at. And it’s something that you can do at home. Whether you’re a man or woman I don’t know if you’ve checked out some of the sites I hire people from a few different places online but the worker is one of course. Fiverr is a very popular site one I’ve used before where you can be hired to write one press release for instance and take as much work as you want to so have a look at that as well. That’s called the gig economy and women have been doing very well in that gig economy out there. OK let’s talk a little bit about. This is the need because wireless is going to get a whole lot faster. In fact, many people may just end up getting rid of their Wi-Fi networks. I would not recommend that for businesses in general but for homes. My goodness. The new 5G wireless that is starting to roll out already can be up to 100 times faster than your current data speeds on your LTE device which is typically called 4G your 4G devices that are out there now. What’s concerning about this too many many people is that the wireless community you know all of these wireless vendors horizon and Sprint and T-Mobile etc. have been in a bit of a race to roll out this 5G service and we’re not sure about you know the pros and cons of it. I remember I was the keynote speaker at an annual meeting for a bank here recently and in talking with them.

: [00:19:19] Afterwards a lady came up and said So, what do you think about some of the problems that are being caused by the wireless networks in our homes and I said you know I’m I have an advanced class amateur radio license I just had to renew that by the way. It’s good for 10 years. But anyways haven’t the vans cost him license and I know of a lot of studies that have been done about this type of radiation. Now people get concerned right. Hold on. Yes it is radiation. You are getting radiation from your cell phone but it is not ionizing radiation is not the type of radiation you get from a nuclear fuel source that can kill you. Right. This does not destroy your cells. Now some people are concerned because of the resonant frequency of water two point four gigahertz. Right. All of that sort of stuff I get it I get it. But I was talking to her and I said hey you know bottom line in the ham community we’ve been studying this for what 100 years now and there is a slight increase in cancer amongst Ham’s but it’s also very hard. To normalize for the Ham’s that actually make things they make their own transmitters. They are smoldering. They are at boards right. So, they’re exposed to all kinds of harsh chemicals. Now how do you normalize for that. I don’t know. But basically, they’re saying yeah there is no direct correlation between our cell phones and various types of cancers. And then she went on to tell me how she had some form of brain cancer and they were attributed to her using her cell phone a lot.

: [00:21:06] You know it may be that case might be true. Typically, that’s not a problem but when we’re talking about the 5G wireless one of the major differences between 5G and the 4G LTE we’re using today is that 5G technology needs more transmitter sites. So they’ve got all of these transmitter sites now in the cities. You’ve got to think about what they’re going to have to do. Basically, they’re going to have to install new antennas roughly equal to the total number of cell towers built over the past 30 years. So, in order to support 5G which requires you to be very, very, close very close to the antenna. How do you get close to the antenna while you typically just move the antenna close to you. Right. And tada, you’re close to the antenna so moving the antenna closer to you means need a lot more. And think about the last 30 years. All of the cell towers that have gone up. It’s almost 2020. So that means since about 1990 or the late 80s basically every cell tower that’s ever gone up. They’re going to have to do that again. 300000 new antennas and there’s a lot of outrage or some alarm in some neighborhoods as antennas are going up around homes now. So interesting problem. We’ll see what happens if 5G isn’t in your neighborhood yet. It will be soon. So, keep an eye out for those increased data speeds. I got to mention this again for those who are just joining us on the radio.

: [00:22:58] The FBI router warning. Yes. This is real. No this is not a hoax. Yes, there are some things you can do about it. If you texted me this week I send to a lot of detail and to do I sent you a lot of detail on all of the individual devices that we know are vulnerable that are been hacked to right that are being hacked by apparently the Russians they are using this hack to take all of your data and send it back to Russia so that they can gather things like your bank account information. Right. That’s what they really want and more information and also use your device to launch attacks against other people. Now that frankly that’s a really, really, big deal in my book. How would you feel if you knew that your small business router or a home router was used to attack somebody and you know it was used for ransomware, or it was used for something even worse. We know that al Qaeda and ISIS have used compromised systems to spread their information to show videos of Americans being beheaded. Imagine that being on your or your home machine and having the FBI show up at your home asking about what happened and were there to check it out. If you don’t have the information I can send it to you. I have some stuff up at my Web site. There is a lot more for those people who are in my insider membership site. It’s all free. I opened it up to listeners who need access to this information.

: [00:24:41] But you have to text me text me directly Eight, Five, Five, Three, Eight, Five, Fifty-five, fifty-three.

: [00:24:48] I’m not going to bombard you with texts. OK. We’re making this simple Eight, Five, Five, Three, Eight, Five, Fifty-five, fifty-three. I’ll be glad to send you the information not just about the FBI warning but answer questions about your router and how you know during the week. Visit me online Craig Peterson dot com. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter and all of today’s articles you should see in the e-mail newsletter that you got this morning. If you’re not on my newsletter list, make sure you sign up. Craig Peterson dot com. Have a great week. Talk to you later. Bye bye.