Uber drivers live streaming rides. Drone Assassination Attempt in Venuezula.: AS HEARD ON: News Radio 610 NH Today [08-06-2018]

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Have you ever taken an Uber?  Listen in as I talk with Jack about what some Uber drivers are doing, and why it can land them in some legal trouble.

What do you think about drones flying overhead? Today Jack and I discuss the reason that airspace is tightly controlled over certain political events and other venues.

Craig is putting up a new membership site (Yes, it is free, but you have to sign up)  On it will have all his special reports that he puts out and you will be the first to get them.

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Airing date: 08/06/2018

Uber drivers live streaming rides. Drone Assassination Attempt in Venuezula.

Craig Peterson[00:00:00] For those who are listening, and who wonder how I normally get my radio interviews out here. The simple way is I just take the live stream, of course, Craig Peterson, here, and iHeart Radio has terrestrial, as well as, of course, now apps and streaming audio that you can listen to. So, I’m on the terrestrial radio stations, well the station I was on this morning took a lightning strike over the weekend, a direct strike. So, a lot of their systems were down. So, today we were talking and I was recording my side of the conversation, today, so, you’ll get to hear Jack Heath, in this case, being the caller, as it were, and me in the studio. So, it’s kind of fun to listen to. This morning we talked about a couple of different things. We talked about what happened with that drone attack, that attempted assassination, which is a really big deal. Of course, as drones are in the news and it gets pretty dangerous, and you know when you think about sporting events and what could happen there. And, we also took a few minutes and talked about Uber. Uber drivers are making a few extra bucks, and it turns out maybe at your expense. So, here we go with Jack. Oh, one more thing. As you listen to me talking, and to Jack responding to Jack at the very, very, beginning, and then you’ll hear this. Yes, That’s what the stations send to me, or I need to let them know that their audio is on and you’re on the air. So, listen for that. OK, here we go with Jack.

[00:01:38] Well, joining us for some tech talk perspective our regular contributor Craig Peterson on the Autofair listener lines on this Monday morning and he joins us.

[00:01:45] Craig, Good Morning, sir. Hey, Good Morning. Have we got audio? There we go. Good morning, Jack.

[00:01:51] Were kicking up, high tech.

[00:01:53] Mother Nature always is the boss, as you know, we had a lot of strong systems, Friday, Friday night.

[00:01:59] Back in our studios, in downtown Manchester, they took a direct hit as they say.

[00:02:04] So, a lot of the electrical computer and digital stuff is being tested, but we’re getting back to normal. In a lot of areas some interesting weather, but what’s going on in the tech talk world.

[00:02:12] Yeah, it’s interesting too, when you’re talking about getting struck by lightning because there is so much power in the lightning. It’s been over 100 years since there has been serious work on lightning. But, did you realize Nikola Tesla was really big into trying to harness the power that came from lightning? Of course, that static electricity, it’s a little more difficult to manage. But, while talking about a source of power we’ve got a few things people are worried about out there right now, Jack. For instance, we’ve got Uber and Lyft and I assume you’ve used those before, correct.

[00:02:49] Uber, yes.

[00:02:49] Yeah, well they’re kind of the same. Uber tends to not treat their drivers quite as well as Lyft does, at least according to the drivers I’ve spoken to. Well, it turns out that there is something going on here. New Hampshire is a two-party consent state when it comes to recording. That means both parties have to agree, to being recorded. There are other states out there, however, that are not two party states and apparently what’s been happening is that some Uber drivers have been live streaming. Now, when you get in the car you can see they’ve got their phone up on the dash. Typically, they’re using it as a GPS or are using that to accept riders and to kind of meter everything, if you will, almost like a taxi. Well, some of these guys and gals, apparently, have been using live streaming software such as twitch, to now live stream the whole trip. Now, if you’re a driver on Lyft or Uber and you’re out there using your car, you don’t really know who’s getting in your car. So, some of these drivers are saying they’re doing it for safety purposes, so their family, for instance, can be watching the live stream on Twitch while they’re driving around and they know that the drivers are safe, right. Their family or their friend is safe. But, some of these guys, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, are being paid for the stream, in other words, twitch lets you charge people to watch, and they’ve had people like this one guy who was making five hundred dollars extra a month by live streaming. He was charging on twitch and your ride, whether you knew it or not, is now being sent and, paid for by these people that want to watch you in the back of the Uber car. I don’t get it. There are legality issues with this, again depending on where you live, written all over it.

[00:04:50] Yeah, yeah. Oh. Now, did you hear about Venezuela. In Caracas, Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro I haven’t gotten much verification, but I guess apparently, there was an assassination.

[00:05:02] that he survived with drones, that were packed with explosives, during a live TV speech did you hear about this.

[00:05:09] I did. I saw the video, in fact, of this whole thing going down. And, he was doing the speech, of course, Venezuela is a socialist country and is on the verge of complete collapse.

[00:05:20] And, so right behind Venezuela.

[00:05:23] Yeah, exactly. All of these guys out there, it has never worked and never will, but that’s a different story. So, people are trying to kill, as has always been the case right. The President of a country whether they’re left or right or center. It’s always happening. And, in this case, you’re absolutely right. The video shows him giving his speech, the military in front of him, I mean tons of military. This was an honor. In fact, of their military, he was giving this speech and in come, apparently two, and, this is just absolutely amazing, frankly, but, two drones, and they blow up you can see him look up, to the side, and then all of a sudden people start running the military parade that was in front of him completely disbanded, ran off apparently some of the military personnel were injured. I think it was nine or ten of them. He seems to be just fine. He is now very upset because it was, apparently, an assassination attempt that was, somehow didn’t wasn’t pulled off quite right. Why didn’t they bring them closer, before they blew them up? But, it’s a real problem and shows why the Secret Service is controlling all of the air now around the President. And, we have equipment that can be used to jam those drones as they’re trying to come in, as well as, knock them out of the sky. There’s some pretty cool guns, that are designed to do just that bring those drones down if they are threatening someone.

[00:06:55] Interesting, yeah. And I. Wasn’t I wasn’t stunned or shocked when I saw that, because I understand, you know technology’s not going away, but you know you think of sporting events and all that, and these drones that are buzzing around and you know when you see and you’re wondering you know who’s flying them around.

[00:07:13] It seems a little bit, a little bit odd, in how to regulate or keep an eye on them. Not, that I’m a regulation guy, but sometimes you need to know what’s up there.

[00:07:20] It’s difficult. It’s tough. Remember, it was a Black Sunday? You remember that movie from the 70’s, a big football game and they were going to use a blimp.

[00:07:30] Yep, Not a new idea.

[00:07:32] Good memory. Well you know that’s nothing. It all just comes around. It all just comes around. Craig, Thank you. You make it a good one and stay cool today on this Monday.

[00:07:41] Take care. Thanks, Jack.

[00:07:44] And in case you’re wondering how it ends. That’s how it ends. Right. They hang up on your but. It’s radio. The listeners don’t, the listeners don’t get to hear that. Now you did, right. That might be the first time for many people who are listening to the podcast. That’s how it works when I am calling into a radio show. Now, TV is a little bit different but, we’re not covering that today. All right, well have a great day, and we’ll probably be back tomorrow, hopefully. Jim Polito is going to be on, and I’ll be on with him and we’ll be talking about some of the latest in technology news. Have a great day, and enjoy the rest of the summer. It is going by quickly. Bye-bye.