Good Monday morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on with Jack Heath this morning discussing the security implications of rioters and their use of encryption. Here we go with Jack.

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Craig Peterson: It is apparently being used by a lot of the protesters right now. And that’s causing some questions to come up with the FBI. In fact, talking about that the FBI has been in talks with zoom. Hey, this is Craig Peterson here. I was on with Mr. Jack. Heath this morning, covering New Hampshire parts of Vermont and Maine and Mass.

[00:00:24] Jack Heath: He’s got a really big show. And of course, we talked a little bit about what is safe, what’s secure, and even my daughter’s wedding. All right. Joining us with an update for some tech talk. Craig Peterson joins us on this Monday morning, Craig. Good morning.

[00:00:38] Craig Peterson: Hey, good morning, Jack. How are you? I’m doing well, just got back from Kentucky, had a very small wedding. You know, they’re talking about these weddings being delayed, so we’re limited to 10 people and it was really fun. . Was nice. Got another daughter married off, which is nice too. So congrats. Yeah.

[00:01:00] Jack Heath: Yeah, it’s very, very cool.

[00:01:01] Craig Peterson: You know, we’ve got five daughters and now three of them are married.

[00:01:04] Jack Heath: Wow. How were, how were things? Just talk a little bit about societally how things, all this healthcare stuff and everything in Kentucky, how was it?

[00:01:12] Craig Peterson: Well, it is very, very locked down.  I was very concerned to buy something.  We went out to a pizza place, out there in Kentucky, and I was there without a mask on, it was outdoor dining. And there was a, probably about a six-year-old young boy who was there with someone, probably his father, and they both had masks on.

[00:01:32]As I approached them, as I was walking past them, that little boy went and hid. We sat in front of his father, hid behind his father’s leg at not just me, but anybody that came close if they didn’t have a mask on. I’m kind of worried about this thing what’s going on, but Kentucky is very, very locked down still.

[00:01:54] They’re hoping to open up a little bit more within the next few weeks, but yeah, it was a really fun time.

[00:02:02] Jack Heath: Really interesting. Alright. Let’s see what you have for us on the tech talk side of things.

[00:02:06] Craig Peterson: Well, we got a whole bunch of problems. I’ll be talking about this Saturday as well, but 1130 right here. But encryption is a very big deal right now.

[00:02:15]Signal is an app I’ve been using for a few years. It allows you to communicate securely end to end, and it is apparently being used by a lot of the protesters right now. That’s causing some questions to come up with the FBI, in fact. Talking about that the FBI has been in talks with zoom. You might know, Zoom is one of the least secure ways to communicate.

[00:02:42] It should never be used for business. Particularly if you are a government contractor at all, it is forbidden.

[00:02:48]Jack Heath: Boom, because businesses have been using it as well as people socially.

[00:02:52] Craig Peterson: Absolutely because it’s so easy to use, but it’s easy to use because it’s insecure. It doesn’t have to do encryption. Zoom is adding encryption to it. Free users are not going to get this end to end encryption when zoom finally rolls it all out. Part of the reason for that is that the FBI and local police can access calls. Apparently what’s happening is these bad guys are using Zoom to do all kinds of nasty stuff, including child porn. They’re trying to hide their identity using free accounts. This is going to really help the catch these bad guys.

[00:03:28] Jack Heath: You know, it’d be helpful, I think maybe next week, not to assign something, but it might be interesting. If we spent the whole segment or a long one, Craig peterson.com. Sort of breaking down the best social media secure platforms. If you’re a small business or a large business to do all these calls that sort of dominating the days until more workers physically get back to their workspace might be a good one to break down the three or four

[00:03:48]options, between WebEx, Microsoft team rooms, Zoom, which one you think are the most effective and safest.

[00:03:55] Craig Peterson: You got it next Monday.

[00:03:56] Jack Heath: All right, Craig Peterson. Hey, congrats on the wedding, Craig. That’s pretty cool.

[00:04:01] Craig Peterson: Hey, thanks. I’m really  excited.T


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