Adopted A Great Dane – Guinea Hens vs Chickens – Staying Safe While Traveling: AS HEARD ON WGAN: [01-16-19]

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Craig is on with Ken and Matt this Wednesday morning discussing his newly adopted Great Dane, Velma and his hens and chickens. And on the technology side of things, discussed about the new lie-detecting eye-scanning technology, VPNs, and how to stay safe when traveling.

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Airing date: 01/16/2019

Adopted A Great Dane – Guinea Hens vs Chickens – Staying Safe While Traveling

Craig Peterson 0:00

Hey good morning everybody. I was just looking at some of my LinkedIn stats and if you haven’t linked into me over on LinkedIn you can go ahead in LinkedIn

Unknown 0:09
but I was kind of cool because one of the videos I put together on Facebook and tracking you got like 1300 watches over on LinkedIn who knew I videos on LinkedIn anyhow that’s pretty cool so thanks everybody that watched that and a few people commented so thanks for that as well in my posts over there getting more and more popular in the videos and stuff so this is good all the way around thanks everybody I really appreciate it and I appreciate everyone who subscribes to this podcast if you’re not subscribed and this is subscribers that really count with the numbers here so I appreciate you listening but if you subscribe it really helps us out go to or you just search for me on rape whatever platform you like to listen podcasts on. And there are you know, there’s one other Craig Peterson out there. He’s up in Washington state he and I have had some run ins before where he was using my popularity to try and build his own credibility and but he’s not me, right I’m the guy so the best way is for my email list. And to subscribe to my podcast slash iTunes and you can get this all automatic, then it really does help us out helps out a lot, because that’s where the numbers really come from those subscribers is water counted. All right. This morning, I was on with our friends Ken and Matt. And Matt is looking to get a little puppy dog. So there’s a litter he’s been looking at and trying to figure out which dog that his kids want. And he and his wife one can, what name are they going to have it? So they were talking about that before I got on that the air this morning. So I had the guide get on and straighten them out. Oh, right. Isn’t that always the case, though, somehow. And we talked about a couple of topics. We talked a little bit about putting your data at risk when you travel. There’s a great article I have up on my website, you probably want to check out. But we talked a little bit about it. And a little bit about the VPN situation. And Matt had a quick question about that eye-scanning a lie detector as well. We’ve got our new information data starting to come out we’re sending out this week, we’re almost done. Wow, talking about a labor of love. Almost done with putting together this whole new special report system for you. You guys are going to love it. And hopefully that’s going to happen this week. We’ve got it all planned out. And we’ve been working on it every day for the last week or so. Because it’s not just this one special report on how to lock down your credit. But we’re talking about a whole series of them. We’ve got 50 of them in the pipeline right now. So we’re trying to make this whole system work with a special founding member of my insider portal, which is going to be absolutely free for this basic membership forever. But it’s a beta thing. We’re going to try a few things out. This is going to be fun, I think. And we’ve already got a couple of people who are in the alpha test already. So you know, kudos to you know who you are. And those people will be in beta that respond for this latest special report on how to lock down your credit for free and keep an eye out for that. That should be out this week. Again, if you’re not on my email list, you already know how just rewind, right? We got all of that here today. So off we go with Ken and Matt. And we’ll be back at this weekend, if not before maybe with a couple more videos. So here we go.

Unknown 4:01
And we are back again. It’s time for Craig Peterson, our tech guru to join us he does so at 738 every Wednesday. This Wednesday being no exception

Unknown 4:10
during our you know, except to that 738

Unknown 4:13
Good Mornings whether we got a new puppy to well actually sees three and a half years old. This is our fourth rescue great game and she’s just amazing. And her name is Velma. How’s that for great? Velma?

Unknown 4:29
Velma? The Great Danes are really

Unknown 4:31

Unknown 4:34
I mean,

Unknown 4:35
like I told the girls they need to knit her an orange turtleneck sweater. Stay warm

Unknown 4:41

Unknown 4:43
assume you named after the Scooby Doo character

Unknown 4:47
name. She came with

Unknown 4:48
and or or or you’re great on from 1840

Unknown 4:59
Well, good for you.

Unknown 5:03
Well, you know

Unknown 5:05
the dog named Blanche

Unknown 5:08
doors Well, I wasn’t gonna neighbor Hillary right.

Unknown 5:14
pet stores in California Petros in California, they cannot sell brand new dogs. Is it where they have to shell rescues now? California course. Of course. That’s the way things work

Unknown 5:26

Unknown 5:28
low on Yes.

Unknown 5:31
First Lady.

Unknown 5:33
Yeah, like long names my most of my dogs been named after like different guns and other manufacturers of different things over to

Unknown 5:44
guns like Beretta.

Unknown 5:51
Yeah, exactly. And Winchester and you know that’s that sort of thing that’s what we’ve had German shepherds and as I said, Our fourth grade

Unknown 6:00
he thought about a Bischon or Boston Terrier cute dog

Unknown 6:06
or something a little you know I like the big dog that just you know

Unknown 6:10
you don’t comes out a big dogs Frank

Unknown 6:12
what outside

Unknown 6:14
green a happy dog

Unknown 6:16
no I

Unknown 6:16
know but you’ll still stepped in it that’s all I gotta say.

Unknown 6:19
For the chickens take care of that though they break it all off and you know it’s also stepped on it right away but yeah they do and they eat more of course then

Unknown 6:28
whoever thought we’d be talking about dog poop chickens chickens you go to a bag you go to a bag of dog food a week you

Unknown 6:36
know the chickens do keep away the

Unknown 6:39
the text

Unknown 6:41
they do actually not as good as getting him but you know on on that point to can

Unknown 6:47
about the back Are you from the 1800s what

Unknown 6:53
you got chickens

Unknown 6:59
is the we found is he’s a technologist

Unknown 7:05
the when I drive a 1980 Mercedes diesel right no electronics so

Unknown 7:11
probably hear that thing coming from about six miles away

Unknown 7:13
and see it to about the dog food Ken is that we found a what’s called a higher quality dog food I guess it is it is buy it at the local Walmart or whatever, you know. And we found this other stuff that a dog food store we brought the dog in and they had a food tasting for Velma. And they had like eight different feeds of foods out there for her I’m used to feed and check it so I this feed and she got to try the different the different foods and and which one that she liked. And then they had this treat tree and she found a treat you really like and so we said okay, well we’ll track it. It’s like pound for pound it’s like eight times as much as pie as the big box. Right and but she only eats about an eight says much of it. So worth something. We felt the same price and she looks so much better. And she has more energy.

Unknown 8:10
How about some of your chickens are getting

Unknown 8:13
slowly he actually got into some chicken because we had we had you know dead ones. We had some and she found the bones in the trash and stuff and she pulled them out and started eating them. But um. Yeah, but you got to be careful chicken bones with dogs.

Unknown 8:31
Yes you do.

Unknown 8:32
Yes you do

Unknown 8:35
with what Danes turkey gives them because one of our Danes got into the turkey carcass after Thanksgiving and bloody diarrhea not a good thing to talk about eating breakfast Let’s move on. And that’s animal

Unknown 8:49

Unknown 8:52
animal expertise talking about getting developers

Unknown 9:00
ology I’m going to be traveling Yeah, if I don’t catch pneumonia from my wife, or a cold from Matt, and a week and a half. So what should I do to prevent risk of my data? Or data,

Unknown 9:14
data? Or data? Yeah, when you’re traveling, etc. I had a couple of questions from like, you guys know, I have a weekend radio show that I of course podcast as well that you can find on my website. But

Unknown 9:30
oh, yeah, there you go. Slash iTunes, if you want the past, but I know you guys are also podcasting my segments here. Although people who are listening for the tech today might be slightly disappointed. But the the the whole thing about traveling and data and the show on Saturday was about VPN and trying to keep your data safe the VPN. And of course, we’ve talked before about how Facebook kind of fool people into thinking using their VPN would make them safe. So I got a great article up on there about traveling and what you have to be careful for, because everybody tries to hop on to Wi Fi. Now, we don’t do it with our phones, like we used to. Nowadays, we’re doing it with our laptops, because our phones have great data plans, right? Almost everybody. And we all know that come next year, 2020 data is going to get even better. But we’ve seen breaches in the hotel chains. We know about breaches that have been have happening at airports, even breaches of airplanes systems while they are in flight, and where people took them over the Wi Fi that’s onboard the planes. And we’re using that to hack into people on the plane who are using the Wi Fi. Now the good news is the planes main systems used for the flight controls are different system than they’re using for the Wi Fi. So that’s very, very good. But according to a new Pew Center research poll security poll that was done in study, they found that even though there’s been all these encrypted networks and websites using encryption, and that’s made the internet safer. In general, there’s just no such thing as being too careful. So be careful with your credit cards. Use those little anti scanning wallets that you can get. So the RF IDs can’t be scanned, use devices built in safeguards, the fingerprints of some print on your phone, whether it’s a Samsung, or an apple, that some print reader does tend to be a lot safer, particularly on Samsung than the new facial recognition system. So use the thumbprint on it’s available in no one to use 12 digit pass code pin, like how to make sure you devices are encrypted, that standard with Apple. And it’s absolutely available for pretty much every other manufacturer out there, including the Android just turn that stuff on, don’t connect to public Wi Fi, if you can avoid it, connect to your cell phone. And your cell phone probably has data sharing on it. So you can tell it from your cell phone, etc. etc. You know, your rental cars, your Bluetooth, when you connect to that rental car, that car will usually upload your contact list and things and you don’t want that for the next guy to come around and use or the people who are taking care of the cars to steal it. Because it’s going to have your home address in there. It’s going to have all kinds of stuff. And you got to be careful with that too. So either don’t connect to the Bluetooth in your car, or make sure you delete it. When you leave your car at the airport. delete your phone. First of all, your data goes away. Just all kinds of great tips. And again, they are up there on the website

Unknown 12:43
talking to Craig Peterson, our animal answers man who’s here occasionally giving us an update about technology. Craig, am I going to have trouble lying to people in the future? Oh, this is this is a concern for me.

Unknown 12:56

Unknown 12:57
well, if if you are a politician, you might want to really be careful, okay, because there’s this new Blade Runner technology. And what’s really kind of interesting about this from my standpoint to is Mark Cuban’s, the guy that founded this company back in 2014, it’s called the ID tag and it’s kind of like a polygraph for the I have words of it, but it’s about 1510 15%

Unknown 13:27
more accurate according to the manufacturer, it’s already in use 500 customers 40 countries but what it does is it looks at your eyes and watches for the response of your pupils in your eye as you are being interviewed by someone and the whole idea is if you lie your eyes going to react in a certain way It only takes about 30 minutes as opposed to a couple of hours for a normal polygraph. And I’ve got to say both cases polygraph and this new eye lie detector is not 100% the people who are administering the test are going to introduce their own personal biases on what’s going on. But you know, give a little bit of time because ultimately you’re going to see something like this at us by our friends, TSA, it’s already been used by some of the embassies out there and who knows, we’ll see just how accurate it really is. But it’s about $25,000 to buy one of these and that makes it a lot cheaper than some of the polygraph equipment that’s out there and might be good for just basic research of crimes and potential criminals

Unknown 14:47
are joining us every Wednesday at 730. And if you do have any questions about Great Danes or pets, feel free to go to his website. Craig Peterson, the dog whisperer. com just click that for joining us. We’ll talk to you next week.

Unknown 15:04
Take care guys. Thanks. All right.

Unknown 15:07
I would never have a great day. What do you say huge giant

Unknown 15:15
I could say is leave a big Ken. Alright everybody. Talk to you later. Take care. Bye bye.

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