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Good morning, everybody. I was on with Jim Polito who was sitting in his kitchen under self-quarantine because he recently traveled overseas. We discussed some of the ways people can make this new remote work, work for them and keep their employer safe. So, here we go with Jim Polito.

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And you take a 10-minute break, and then you sit down again, set yourself another 20-minute goal, and get it done. It is amazingly effective. And I want people to think of social media a little bit differently when you’re working from home. That 10-minute break. You could go on social media because that might be the only way you have contact with another person. There are some of my top tips

There are some of my top tips with Mr. Jim Polito this morning. You notice none of them had to do with security because I think the most significant issues people have when working from home, typically are the mental issues. So that’s kind of what I went over with Jim this morning. If you want to attend one of my webinars, these free webinars I’m doing all week this week, probably into next week as well. Make sure you sign up go to Craig Peterson comm slash subscribe. By the way, Jim is just back From Italy in self-quarantine in his kitchen, it yeah, it Yeah, I don’t want you to think about that too much. Okay, here we go.

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Joining us now is our good friend and tech chalk guru, Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

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Hey, good morning, Jim. Yeah, I’ve been doing this work-at-home thing now for well over 20 years, and my wife and I have learned a lot of lessons. I’ve learned a lot of lessons about productivity and tools. And, of course, you mentioned the security side of it, which is a big deal. And so what I started doing this week is I started on Sunday, I held a kind of free for all webinar where I invited people to, and we spent a couple of hours together. In fact, in this webinar, we talked about people’s situations. What the issues were. I’m going to be doing it again today. I think what I’m going to try and do is something at about three o’clock this afternoon, and then probably at about seven o’clock this evening, and I’ll do it two or three more times this week, just going over what tools can help them. One of the tricks I’ve learned over the years? What do you need to worry about from a security standpoint? You know, when should you be using that laptop? When should you remote to a desktop at work? Why is the remote desktop one of the most prominent security exploits known to man? And how can you work around that? So obviously, Jim, as usual, this is just all for free. I’m not trying to, you know, beat you down and sell you something. If you want my services, that’s fine. I’m even offering 15-minute calls with anybody that needs some tech support to help them try and figure stuff out, and all of that you can get Just go to my website that Craig Peterson dot com make sure you sign up there. It’s on the homepage and every page. If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see a pop up at the top of the screen and just put your name and email address in there. As Jim’s always telling everybody, I’m not one to spam you. But I do want to keep you guys informed. I am offering this for free. I have courses that you can buy that go into more depth, but I do take time to answer everyone’s question during these webinars. I got a lot of great, positive feedback.

We’re talking with Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru. Now, Craig, what’s probably the most important thing people should do while working from home. Now I know our company has set up, what are these VPNs and all this stuff? What’s the most important thing people should do?

Well, also, as part of the webinar, I went into some details about why VPNs’ can make it worse for you and your security for your business. So don’t think that a VPN is a panacea. All those paid VPN Services that you hear advertised on the radio are not going to help you get into the office. They’re designed to provide a little bit of security. But, in a more direct answer to your question, what’s the most important thing? I think personally, with over 20 years of experience doing this, that it has to do with separation. So President Trump is right. You have to separate yourself from your usual living area if you can. All separating has to mean is something that’s going to give you that psychological hint. That’s going to help with your subconscious too. Okay, I’m sitting in this chair facing this direction in this part of the room. That helps a lot to train your body as to what you should be doing. Then you also need to get a whip and, and use that lightly on any family members that decide to walk-in because now look at mom and dad are home now so I can just walk in anytime and ask any question, right? In the honey-do list, I’m going both ways. So make sure they understand, hey, I’m working to leave me alone. Here’s another thing that I found to be extremely helpful when working from home. And that is to use a technique that came from Italy. It’s called the Pomodoro Technique. You might want to look that up that’s Italian, very poorly pronounced on my part.

Italian for Tomato, and tomatoes are the best.

Yeah, exactly. Think about you and I, were younger, our moms had these kitchen timers shaped like tomatoes, or maybe you had an egg one. You twist the top of it, and it was a 30-minute timer. The Pomodoro technique is simple enough, and you set yourself a 15-minute or 20-minute goal. 20 -minute seems to be optimal, at least for me. Okay, I’m going to do this particular piece of research to get this part done, right. It’s something you can do in 20 minutes. You set that timer and let it run for 20 minutes. When it goes off, the task over whether or not it is done. You finished that work for this time period. You can extend a little bit if you’d like to, but no more than about 10 minutes, get up and walk around. It is time to go and get your glass of water, to go and chat with the spouse or kids, whatever it might be. You take a 10-minute break, and then you set down again, set yourself another 20-minute goal, and get it done. It is amazingly effective. I want people to think of social media a little bit differently when you’re working from home. That 10- minute break. You could go on social media because that might be the only way you have contact with another person if you’re at home working alone. It’s not necessarily an evil thing. Just make sure you don’t get sucked into it. They design social media to be sticky and to keep you around. So those are the big ones. Also, again, if you’re on my email list, just go to Craig Peterson dot com and sign up. I’ll be going through the more technical side of working at home. What you can do, what you shouldn’t do, to make working at home, work for you without creating problems not just for you, but security problems to the business’s network.

All right, Craig, this is great. I know we wanted to touch on the coronavirus, not the virus itself, but I know included in the information you’ll be sending to people. So you add my name to this number,

855 385 5553. I’ll be sending out a text to everybody on and texts today as well. Just text Jim to 855 385 5553

Standard data and tax rates apply. As you know, Craig Peterson will always take care of you. He is a calm and reassuring voice and presence in all the chaos. Craig, Thank you so much. Well, Catch you next week.

Take care. Bye-bye.

All righty. Okay when we return

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