Craig gets into some detail about why Hunter Biden’s laptop that he took to a shop and never picked up is now in the hands of the FBI/DOJ and the things he did wrong when he took it in for service — and no — it has nothing to do with Russia.

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Yeah, I’m sure you heard about Hunter Biden, and what happened with his computer when he took it in for repairs? How about your computer? We’ll be getting into that right away, right off the top. And then the FBI says hackers are already in our election systems. Man really.

Hey everybody. Welcome. Welcome. You’re listening to Craig Peterson.

Well, we had a lot of news this week. Some stations covered it. Certainly. But bottom line things just weren’t covered here in the US. It was interesting listening to some foreign stations. They were covering the whole Hunter Biden thing, yet here in the US, it’s like a ghost town on most of the major networks. This is really, really crazy.  I’m sure you are interested in knowing a little bit about what’s going on? What are your rights? What should you do?

Karen and I are putting together a special report that you can get for free. I don’t squeeze you for these things. All you have to do is send me an email and I’ll send it off. We’re putting together a special report specifically on steps you have to take before taking your computer to one of these computer repair shops.

Now, you know, I already suggest you do not use break-fix shops. Don’t use any of these big squads that are out there running around saying they can fix your computers. I really do recommend that you use a managed services provider.

 I’m a managed security services provider, right. I want to put that on the table and we do tend to do take care of systems for our customers, of course, security customers a little thing there we’ll usually do it for them.

 A managed services provider should be someone that you’re using that you trust and have a certain responsibility to your data and all of the information behind it. Particularly if you are a subcontractor for any DOD contract. There are certain responsibilities that flow down to you.

Obviously, if it’s off the shelf stuff, the responsibility is a lot less than if it’s the stuff that is not necessarily secret but is part of information about a base or information about how many items are being ordered. The military and the prime contractors don’t like that information getting out for good reason. They don’t want the bad guys, the Chinese, the Russians and North Koreans, et cetera, et cetera, in on that information.  Look at what’s happening right now. If you go right now to Duck Duck go, and look up the Chinese carriers or better yet, look at their newest jets, They are a clone from just looking at it. They are a clone of our US jets. The reason the Chinese have this data is that they stole it. Rolling back to the time of President Clinton, he just gave them the technology for launching Intercontinental ballistic missiles to hit the United States.

He gave it to them. Because he said, we want the Chinese to be able to launch our satellites? Because it’s going to be way more cost-effective. The only way they can launch satellites is if they have this particular type of technology for their rocketry. And so basically, he just gave it to them.

 I think that it’s crazy reasoning if that was the actual reasoning behind it. Now they’ve turned to. Theft. This always happens in every socialist country. Any country that goes socialist, you just don’t have the innovation that you had otherwise because you end up with all kinds of taxes, all kinds of restrictions.

You take away the motivation for people to make money. Look at what’s happened with  50 Cent,  he’s a rapper. He went most of his life with no money at all. Worked really, really, really hard, and finally made some money. So the average person is going to make a few million dollars if you are a white-collar worker over the course of your lifetime. What if you worked for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years trying to get some software to work, trying to come up with something, and man it didn’t work in the marketplace. So let me try something else.

Let me try something else.

Let me try something else.

So for 20 years, you’re living off of almost nothing. Just scraping, just trying to get by. Then yes, I got it. Finally everything clicks. The market’s there, your product is there. It’s all working. You’ve got the right team working with you. Your partners are the right ones, not these two Hunter Biden partners that have ended up in prison or one’s waiting for sentencing right now. You got good partners that are really working for you working together, pulling together.

And now all of a sudden you make a million, 2 million, 3 million, $4 million. Maybe you made $5 million over the course of 40 years. That isn’t much different than your average white-collar worker. Yet you are going to be taxed to kingdom come if you live in a socialist country. So all of that work that you did for 40 years to finally make some money, maybe even leave a little bit of money behind for your kids. Generational wealth. It’s gone. It’s been taken. It’s been confiscated at the point of a gun by the socialist government.

 When you’re someone like China, you have to steal intellectual property from other countries because the incentive is just not there. If you stick your head up, if you try something and you do it wrong, that head gets bashed in. You get sent out to re-education camps.

 Look at the millions of people that we know of that have gone to these Chinese, every education camps. Look at the tens of millions of people that have starved to death because of socialism. Well over millions, in fact, documented in the 20th century, just because of socialism. It happens every freaking time.

But,  let’s get back to the laptop here. If you are China and you’re trying to steal concepts, ideas so that you can then build your military, build your commercial infrastructure, compete with Tesla, compete with Apple, you need to steal it. You want to get your hands on computers.

 You need to use other people’s computers in order to hide where you’re coming from. You’ve seen it in movies before.  You might remember way back when you were watching war games.  In War games it showed this modem and he was trying to go here and then it was hopping over to there and there was hopping over to here. How they kind of hop around. That is reality. It’s still to this day.

That the bad guys need your computer in order to hack other computers. Now, sometimes what they’re doing is they’re attacking other computers using your computer. So that might be attacking it, looking for a way to break in. They might be attacking these other computers through a denial of service attack, where they have thousands or even millions of computers sending requests to websites or other places. Then they hold that site hostage at that point. That happens. It really, really happens. We’ve also found that the bad guys are using our computers in order to store and forward illegal information. So in some cases, it’s illegal information like designs for jet aircraft engines that we use in our fighters. Or the latest one. This is just from this last week is they stole the vibration dampeners in our jets that are designed to be very stealthy. So the less vibration, the harder it is to pick up. 

What did they do? Well, they steal it from us. At least ask what it looks like right now, allegations just everywhere on that.

 I have firsthand personally seen this sort of thing happen where China is stealing. Intellectual property from US corporations. We’ve gone into these companies that thought they were secure.  We have a managed services provider. Most of the time, it’s all we have an IT person and we call these other guys up when something breaks.

 We go in there and we find these back doors. A case that I’ve talked about before that I was involved in, expert witness out a New Jersey, where illegal information is put onto third parties, computers in order to share it with other people. It is happening all the time. It’s everything from the ISIS beheadings and burnings all the way through kiddie porn.

This is real.  We have to lock down our computers because of this. Now you might ask why I’m talking about this one. We’re talking about Hunter Biden’s computer that was taken to a repair shop, or maybe what we want to talk about is your computer that you’re going to take to a repair shop. Well, I ask that because the big question here is what’s on your computer.

You know what you have put on it. No, maybe you even forgot some of the stuff that you put on it. But what have the bad guys put on your computer? Is your network system secure enough that you can say, yeah, yeah, nobody is using my computer, my network maliciously? Do you even have a firewall that tracks your outbound connection?

We get into, and a lot of detail about how to do that, what you need to do in our cybersecurity mastery course. It’s an important thing.

So stick around when we get back, I’m going to give you the tips that you need to know. If you’re going to take your computer to a repair shop and we are going to turn this into a little book for you, a special report, something like that.

Stick around. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to Craig Peterson. Online Craig

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