Double Homicide – Can Police Get Information From An Alexa on NH Today WGIR-AM: [11/19/2018]

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Craig is on with Jack Heath talking about the role Alexa played in a New Hampshire murder trial.

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Airing date: 11/19/2018

Double Homicide – Can Police Get Information From An Alexa

Craig Peterson 0:00
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Unknown 2:27
Craig Peterson joins us on the auto fair listener line and interesting article Craig hopefully doing well. Jeff Jonas, you’re talking about this on Friday is a Lexus speech protected? This goes to a case where the the technology the locks, it may have heard something that ties into a double homicide in Farmington almost two years ago.

Unknown 2:52
Yeah, good morning, Jack. It does. I spent some time talking about this case on my show this weekend. Very in here. Yeah, it’s very interesting. Because we’re bringing more of these devices in your homes. You mentioned the course the Amazon Alexa, Google has the Google Home. Apple has it theory. And there have been a couple of cases now. And this one is making some national news where the prosecutors felt that there may be information that’s contained within that device, in this case, and Amazon Echo bottom line on this for people that do have these devices, the prosecutor doesn’t really understand how the technology works. So I take a second to explain it. But also that the prosecutor may not be entirely wrong here. So jack, what happens with these devices nowadays is they’re constantly listening to everything going on the environment. So that part the prosecutor has, right However, they are locally listening for their wake up word. So I’m not going to save the way help word. But you know, when you address these things, you call it by name. And then you give it a command. So nothing’s going up to the cloud. Unless the device has been modified, nothing is going up and to the cloud and kill it hears its wake up word. So in the case where there was a double homicide, what would have happened is, it would have hurt the whole homicide because the the detectives in the case think that the original action took place in the kitchen, which is where the Amazon echo that they seize was located. So they think that they probably heard it and it probably did, but that Amazon Alexa sitting there is not going to be sending any of that data to the cloud. And it’s only stores a few seconds worth of sound on the device locally. And then it rights over it again, now where things so they’re not going to get anything from this and let’s the murderer, someone else called out the wake up word, then that 32nd stream of data and it’s usually only 30 seconds max would have been sent up to Amazon. And Amazon does keep it now where it might be interesting. And we’ve seen this before is in a case where maybe someone with crime of passion patch use the Alexa earlier in the day. So they might have ordered pizza, or they might have asked what the weather is tomorrow, etc. In those cases, that device is recording the boys and uploads it to the cloud. In fact, you can go in with any of these devices online and in the apps and listen to the commands that’s been given. So in that case, the prosecutor could go to Amazon and say, Hey, listen, we need the recording and listen to see if the murderer had or the accused I had previously use that device, maybe an hour or so before the burgers and then there’s a crime of passion. And now they have some suspect at least they have the voice of the suspect now in in the pre or price previous case. In the non New Hampshire case where they went ahead and subpoenaed amazon for the records. Amazon resisted them saying no, we’re not going to provide that data to you. And ultimately the guy who was charged with the crime conceited and said to Amazon Yeah, go ahead and release it. They listened to what recordings were and ended up dropping all charges against the guy because there was nothing incriminating on them but it’s an interesting question an interesting problem and it’s got national prominence now Jack

Unknown 6:45
Well, it does and these things are so like you saying your home now and you don’t think of what’s captured Do you think of sort of what’s live and what’s happening you know, you know Alexa it’s like the ad you know play me some Whitney Houston you know they’re not thinking Alexa Bose final score last night of the bears game you know, people aren’t thinking of what’s picked up right or what’s captured

Unknown 7:06
right and you know that thing what was the score the bears game that has been used in divorce cases before not not because it’s the bears not the Patriots. It’s been using cases before because a boyfriend or a girlfriend of the spouse comes over and uses the Alexa it’s all recorded in the spouse notices wait a minute now this isn’t my playlist this isn’t the music I like and and who the heck like the bears and so they have the voice of the cheater and the GD right there on the device it’s been used in court that way before it’s funny

Unknown 7:43
how people used to say careful of stay on the phone the government might be listening and now it’s like let’s practice listening device into our house and set it up

Unknown 7:51
Isn’t it funny and and what what else were we told don’t get in cars with strangers right and don’t take candy from strangers now Now we call a stranger give them money to get in their car and get takes it places guys the whole world just changed entirely hasn’t it?

Unknown 8:06

Unknown 8:08
interesting stuff and you know again this is that was a pretty pretty well known double homicide case in terms of pristine solvents murder and a friend

Unknown 8:22
you know I guess the whether or not they can get suspect from this and who knows if they’re gonna you know there’s such a legal ramifications right

Unknown 8:30
yeah and Amazon is going to continue to resist from what they’re saying right now and really the only way they would be able to release it without any problems is for the owner to say yeah go ahead and leave those records but in this case apparently the owners debt because I imagine it was hers at the time yeah so it isn’t please Cassidy I doubt they’re going to get anything but maybe they will but they’re certainly not likely to get a recording of the murder as it happens like what happened in the Saudi embassy over in Turkey now here we go there’s a

Unknown 9:05
Alexa can help solve that but they have plenty of video they have plenty of video and other stuff to know that a mystic a show he was not leaving that console and alive. All right. Thank you, Craig. And have a great great Thanksgiving.

Unknown 9:16
Hey, thank them people right now on our homepage. If you go to dir there is a an article about travel on Thanksgiving. Google has mapped it out where you should go where you shouldn’t go and when it’s a really great article.

Unknown 9:32
Alright, thanks. Thanks, Craig. Appreciate it. We come back checks out over the financial show airs.

Unknown 9:36
Hi everybody. By the way. Have a great Thanksgiving if you don’t hear from me, although I’ll be on again Tuesday and Wednesday this week. And of course my radio show this Saturday, but I might love Thanksgiving. It’s a great time for families and friends to get together so enjoy yourself. Take care. Bye bye.